NutriBullet Twin Drawer Air Fryer

The NutriBullet Twin Drawer Air Fryer is your one-stop shop for well-balanced meals of all kinds. With two 4L cooking drawers and 8 preset cook modes, you can create an endless combination of complete meals in a matter of minutes. Roast and back, dehydrate and crisp - all at the same time in different drawers to create the perfect meal. Its vortex convection technology cuts down on time and reduces the amount of oil (and mess) needed to make your food taste great.



  • A. It may not be plugged in. Ensure you plug in the Air Fryer into a wall socket and flick the switch on. The touch screen control button should illuminate.
  • A. Temperature setting might be on a low setting. Adjust temperature by pressing the (+) button on the touch screen control panel.
  • A. Ensure cooking baskets are pushed flush into the motor base to activate cooking timer.
  • A. Yes. Cooking baskets and crisping trays are both dishwasher safe and BPA free.