Meal Prep 101: Tips & Tricks

June 01, 2022 1 min read

Meal Prep 101: Tips & Tricks

Meal preppingdoes not have to be difficult nor time-consuming. By preparing complete meals or ingredients ahead of time, you can actually save time and reduce the stress of figuring out what toeat day-to-day. Get started onmeal prepping with three easy steps. 

The first is to build a menu aroundyour eating style, which depends on your personal preferences, time, and energy? Do you prefer to have meals that are ready-to-go? Do you like having the flexibility to assemble a variety of foods throughout the week? Or do you want a combination of the two? Whether you choose to prepare ingredients ahead of time or complete ready-to-go meals, you can customize your plan as you go depending on your changing needs.

The next step is preparing the ingredients. With the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express, chopping, shredding, and slicing vegetables is a breeze. You can also prepare dressings and sauces ahead of time to add a burst of flavors to your dishes throughout the week. Lastly, you’ll need to store your food so that it stays freshand tasty for days to come.

By Sherene Chou